Omega-3 Fish Oil with Vitamin D Capsules
Omega-3 Fish Oil with Vitamin D Capsules


    Omega 3s are often thought of as a natural ‘cure all’ due their widespread benefits in the body. Their anti-inflammatory effects are far-reaching and they offer a foundational support across age groups and populations.

  • Omega 3s can have a positive effect on skin health as a healthy fat and can reduce redness and reduce the risk of sunburn
  • Unhealthy toxic estrogen metabolism common amongst the population can increase inflammation in the body, and fish oil has a pronounced effect on reducing inflammation in the body
  • Omega 3s have a very strong positive effect on Cholesterol, as well as a proven effect on other aspects of your cardiovascular health including blood pressure, and total cholesterol
  • Omega 3s can improve mood and have been clinically shown to reduce symptoms of depression and even anxiety and stress?


    Our Omega 3 capsules are sourced from the highest quality and most clinician recommended sources, using small fish with the lowest heavy metal content from Norway with a unique nitrogen flushing process that provides maximum preservation of the oils while reducing the risk of oxidation.


  • Our Omegas also contain vitamin D for immune health and mixed tocopherols and EGCG from green tea for cardiovascular health.

    *Always consult your health care provider when beginning a new supplement or medication, who can verify interactions and ensure this supplement is right for you.

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