Get your Male Hormone Profile

Male health concerns are strongly influenced by hormones. 
Find out how your DNA influences your hormone levels. Take control of your health. Prevent the worst outcomes.
Use your report’s results to:
  •  Figure out if you have low testosterone, libido, or energy concerns
  •  Understand your risk for health concerns like male pattern balding or an enlarged prostate
  •  Get answers about the reason why you're not putting on muscle or losing fat
  •  Personalize your diet, lifestyle, and environment to optimize your hormones

Get to the root cause of your health concerns.

Your DNA is your body's operating manual. It provides the instructions for your body to function. 

Did you know that the majority of male health concerns are related to hormone levels? That's largely due to genetics says Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Mansoor Mohammed. 

Your DNA is one of the strongest predictors of your risk for developing health outcomes related to your hormone levels. Your DNA tells the most personal story about you, and no two people have the same story. It’s your unique genetic makeup.

This is why the results of your Male Hormone Profile come directly from your DNA.

As heard on Ben Greenfield's podcast

Ben Greenfield is a biohacker, human body and brain performance coach, ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, professional Spartan athlete, anti-aging consultant, speaker and author of the New York Times Bestseller “Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health and Life”.

"A lot of the stuff you get from most DNA tests can be useful, but to get really, really useful information on things that can help you out with your sleep, your gut function, your neurotransmitters, even your life span or your brain health, you have to take a deeper dive. You have to look at a lot more of these so-called SNPs. That's what The DNA Company did for me. They gave me a functional overview of my health and wellness."

The Report & Benefits

Strategically Navigate Male Hormone Health With The World’s First 

Male Hormone Profile Based on Your DNA.

What are the Benefits?

With your Male Hormone Profile report, you can:

  •  Assess your risk for common male health concerns like male pattern balding, benign prostate hyperplasia, low libido and sexual function
  •  Understand the likelihood for severe complications if you take any testosterone supplement or replacement 
  •  Successfuly implement strategies to optimize your hormone profile 
  •  Use DNA-based recommendations on diet, fitness, and lifestyle to improve hormone related health outcomes
  •  Relax with peace of mind knowing you have scientific data to guide your daily life and interactions

Proprietary Testing Produces Actionable Insights

Through a simple sample of your saliva, we are able to extract the DNA information we need to provide you with a customized Female Hormone Profile

Our proprietary science-based genetic testing & research gives you a cohesive, meaningful, and personalized story of the cellular processes in your body—and what it means for your overall health and wellness. All in one report that helps you prevent the worst outcomes from hormone imbalance. 

Your comprehensive report gives you insight into your personal hormone profile, the risk of any associated health concerns, and the strategies you can implement from a diet, lifestyle, and environmental perspective to optimize your hormone levels according to your DNA. 

What's Included in My Report? 


An introduction to how sex hormones influence your overall health and wellness and unique statistics about the impact of hormones. 
A summary of what happens to your testosterone, how that impacts your hormone profile, and your unique risk for common health concerns associated with your hormone profile.
The 6 factors that are assessed when we determine your overall hormone profile
How quickly does your body make testosterone from progesterone?
How much of your testosterone is actually bioavailable for use, versus how much of it is likely bound to sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which means you can't use it?

How efficient is your cell's androgen receptor in binding to androgens like testosterone, which ultimately allows testosterone to exert its effects on the body?
How much DHT are you likely to produce, and what does that mean for muscle building, balding, and prostate health concerns?
How much Estrogen are you likely to produce, and what does that mean for muscle building, balding, low libido and sexual function?
How quickly do you metabolize your androgens, and what does that mean for muscle building, sexual function, and body type?
Your personalized risk grade of male pattern balding based on your unique hormone profile. Includes the different factors responsible for contributing to your overall risk. 

What are some dietary, lifestyle, and environmental recommendations you can implement today that are specifically associated to your unique hormone profile? This section dives into some of the best tips and tricks we've discovered based on an analysis of over 10,000 genome profiles. 

As heard on

Dave Asprey’s 


Bulletproof Radio

In this extended episode of Bulletproof Radio we’ll be talking about how your DNA affects your cardiovascular health. There are three major factors that form a triangle of cardiovascular disease, says Mansoor. All three of these factors are underlined by one commonality: “Inflammation is pretty much the bedrock of most dysfunction in the body” 

- Dr. Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D.

How Secure is My Information?

The security of your personal information is our top priority. We will not initiate your report without a signed consent form. Once your personal data and genetic information are obtained, they are never stored together and always encrypted. Genetic information is also grouped into different categories for added security. This information cannot be sequestered by third parties without the expressed consent of the individual.


Will this test diagnose any diseases or conditions that I may have?

No. This test is an association-based test. We don't diagnose you with disease. However, we try to identify genetic risk factors that may contribute to your risk of disease based on clinically documented research. Just because you're at an increased risk for a disease or condition based on your genetics, doesn't necessarily mean you will be diagnosed. Similarly, a normal or decreased risk doesn't necessarily mean you're safe from any particular disease or condition. Functional genomics evaluates both genomic and non-genomic factors to ultimately identify risks ahead of time and assists in building preventative health strategies for an improved health and wellness outlook over time.

Who should consider buying this profile?

Any male who is concerned about the hormonal aspects of his health. Generally, this test will be most helpful once you've entered puberty and beyond. At every hormonal stage of your life, the unique way in which you produce, metabolize, and clear out your sex hormones will play an integral role in shaping your overall health and wellness.

How can I learn more about the next steps I need to take after I’ve done this test?

Book a consultation with one of our clinicians! Our clinicians are specifically trained to interpret clinical results and develop health solutions and action plans that are personalized based on your unique genomic profile, as well as non-genomic factors like your nutrition, environment and lifestyle.

Will you sell my data to 3rd parties like insurance companies? How do you protect my data?

We will NEVER sell your personal data. However, from time to time, we will anonymize your genomic data and aggregate it with other data samples for the purpose of research & development and the advancement of human health, which we may share with our partners. Don't worry, your information is 100% anonymized and no one can tie your genomic data back to your personal data. We store all of our samples in an anonymized manner at a government facility. All of our data is anonymized BEFORE it leaves our facility, and we store all digital data on our protected server hosted through Microsoft Azure's security platform. If you still would like to have your data deleted and your sample destroyed once you receive your results, simply let us know and we'll send you a confirmation email once it is complete.

About Us

Dr. Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D.

The DNA Company is led by Chief Science Officer, Dr. Mansoor Mohammed, PhD. Dr. Mohammed is widely regarded as a pioneer in medical genomics and has been the recipient of multiple academic and industry awards.

He is the holder of several patents in the general fields of molecular diagnostics and genomics research, and is one of the most sought-after national and international conference speakers in the genre of personalized medical genomics. Learn more about Dr. Mohammed here.

How We are Different From Other Testing Companies

Our core asset is a network of leading functional clinicians and researchers from some of the top institutes and clinics in the world. We are single-minded – some might say obsessive – in our passion to improve human health and performance.

Our core experience comes from the review of over 4000 genome profiles, many of which are from elite athletes and professionals, pushing the very boundaries of human performance. Our core differentiator lies in the fact that we have coupled each of our genome profiles with the actual individual behind that profile. We are creating an exhaustive and detailed account of their health status, lifestyle, nutrition, environment and biomarker testing results.

Most importantly, we have implemented a direct and ongoing dialogue with the clinicians and institutes treating or working with these individuals. Our database, expertise and insights are never static.

We have created a one-of-a-kind platform that gives clinicians access to intelligently designed functional genomic assays, the interpretation of these assays in a clinically viable and meaningful manner and a platform to share insights, case studies and therapeutic interventions with their peers.

As seen in Dave Asprey's new book

Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever

"The area of functional genomics is just getting going. Like functional medicine, it is the study of what you can actually do to influence risk besides worry about it. For instance, my genome from the DNA Company revealed that I should take extra steps to take care of the tight membranes in my arteries, including taking the supplements in this book. Check out their test to discover your weaknesses and learn how to combat them." 

Dave Asprey

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Still have questions? Reach out to us, we are happy to help!