• Birth Control and Hormone Replacement

  • Menopause and Menopausal Symptoms

  • PCOS, Endometriosis and Infertility

  • Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Cellulite and Fitness

  • Diet, Environment and Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Fibromyalgia

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Our reports are designed to provide you

with an understanding of your unique 

hormone profile. Scientific concepts, gene-by-gene-analysis, risks of disease and conditions, and recommendations for your diet, lifestyle and environment are all discussed in an easy-to-understand flow.





$399 ($299 USD)

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Lorna R. 


Canada’s Women’s Health Expert

“I am proud to have collaborated with The DNA 

Company and Dr. Mansoor to create a hormone report 

that women can use to make excellent decisions 

about their healthcare.”

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As heard on

Dave Asprey’s 


Bulletproof Radio

“We’ve chosen female health as our primary initial focus, and more specifically, taking a functional genomics’ view of the mechanisms that drive hormone health in women.” 

- Dr. Mansoor Mohammed Ph.D.

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Will this test diagnose any diseases or conditions that I may have?

No. This test is an association-based test. We don't diagnose you with disease. However, we try to identify genetic risk factors that may contribute to your risk of disease based on clinically documented research. Just because you're at an increased risk for a disease or condition based on your genetics, doesn't necessarily mean you will be diagnosed. Similarly, a normal or decreased risk doesn't necessarily mean you're safe from any particular disease or condition. Functional genomics evaluates both genomic and non-genomic factors to ultimately identify risks ahead of time and assists in building preventative health strategies for an improved health and wellness outlook over time.

Who should consider buying this profile?

Any woman who is concerned about the hormonal aspects of her health. Generally, this test will be most helpful once you've entered puberty, all the way to post-menopause. At every hormonal stage of your life, the unique way in which you produce, metabolize, and clear out your sex hormones will play an integral role in shaping your overall health and wellness.

Will this test tell me if I have an associated risk with taking the birth control pill or hormone replacement therapy?

Yes. While your clinician is the one who will ultimately make that decision, the purpose of this test is to identify whether there is an increased risk associated with taking external hormones like the birth control pill, hormone-coated IUDs and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This is largely based on the unique way in which your estrogens are metabolized into potentially toxic estrogen metabolites and their byproducts.

How can I learn more about the next steps I need to take after I’ve done this test?

Book a consultation with one of our clinicians! Our clinicians are specifically trained to interpret clinical results and develop health solutions and action plans that are personalized based on your unique genomic profile, as well as non-genomic factors like your nutrition, environment and lifestyle.

Will you sell my data to 3rd parties like insurance companies? How do you protect my data?

We will NEVER sell your personal data. However, from time to time, we will anonymize your genomic data and aggregate it with other data samples for the purpose of research & development and the advancement of human health, which we may share with our partners. Don't worry, your information is 100% anonymized and no one can tie your genomic data back to your personal data. We store all of our samples in an anonymized manner at a government facility. All of our data is anonymized BEFORE it leaves our facility, and we store all digital on our protected server hosted through Microsoft Azure's security platform. If you still would like to have your data deleted and your sample destroyed once you receive your results, simply let us know and we'll send you a confirmation email once it is complete.

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