The worlds first truly personalized supplement program

Designed by experts in the fields of genomics, natural ingredients, and pharmaceuticals, the Youtrients Program leverages world-leading functional genomics science to develop personalized supplements for individuals using world class ingredients from around the world. Compounded under the guide of clinicians at an ISO-7 compliant facility located in Mississauga, Canada.


Our DNA inspired line was developed based on an analysis of over 5000+ clinically administered genomic data samples. We combined world class ingredients and created unique formulations that target specific health outcomes. All our stand alones have NPNs and are approved by Health Canada. Get the supplements you need from a trusted source.


Clinically studied ingredients sourced from around the world. Traceable. Transparent. Farm to Finish. Non-GMO and Organic where possible. Optimize your health in confidence with our trusted approach to natural ingredients.

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