We could tell you how great our qualifications are, or mention our world-class expertise and experience, but then everyone does this. 
Instead, we decided to mix things up a bit, and show you how our very own genes influence our health and lifestyle. 
It goes without saying that we had some fun with this.

Note: The supplements listed in each of our bios are just a subset 
of our comprehensive and individualized Youtrients formulas





Kashif’s genes are an uncanny match for his personality and business acumen. He has a dizzying ability to multitask, and an unfathomable disregard for danger, all of which show up in his genetic profile.  However, his genes also reveal a reduced ability to detoxify pollutants, fumes, environmental chemicals, and pesticides.  Despite his steely executive function, Kashif is much more chemically sensitive than his colleagues. 

He recently experienced the effects of his reduced detoxification ability during the construction of Youtrients’ state of the art facility.  Visiting the construction site, while industrial floor sealants were still being applied, Kashif developed a severe eczema reaction within hours of exposure.  Two weeks away from the facility, his eczema flare had all but disappeared.  A second return to the contruction site brought his condition right back. His innate, inherited detoxification pathways could not handle this overload. Youtrients developed a personalized supplement for Kashif that included the correct dose of NAC, selenium, milk thistle, and alpha lipoic acid (ALA). These nutrients enhance his suboptimal detoxification pathway, enabling his body to deal with pollutants and chemicals, while reducing his risk of longterm illness.


BDNF RS6265 – A/A
CYP2R1 RS10741657 – G/G

Mansoor’s genome profile gives him ample opportunity to pursue his passion in self-hacking…because there is no shortage of genetic deficiencies.  Mansoor hails from the sunny Caribbean, and he finds that his genes make him prone to low levels of vitamin D – not surprising since his ancestors were always able to make bucket loads of vitamin D from the sun.  More concerning to him, however, was a variation in his BDNF gene that could cause cognitive decline with age. Yet Mansoor remains as sharp and cerebral as ever.

He negates the risk from his BDNF gene with a personalized supplement of quercetin, magnesium threonate, niacin, theanine and NAC, and, he also takes vitamin D3.

Mansoor is a great example of how a poorly functioning gene does not mean inevitable decline or illness with age. He’s able to change the expression of his genes, or augment their outcomes, with his Youtrients formula.  This personal experience, and his unique way with patients, enables Dr. Mansoor to reassure Youtrients’ clients that a genetic risk does not mean an unavoidable disease.


SLC23A1 RS33972313 – G/A
CYP19A1 RS10046 – C/T

Bryce’s genome profile has earned him the title of “Gene-blessed” by his colleagues at Youtrients.  He belongs to those rare and (lucky) few with exceedingly efficient cellular detoxification and anti-oxidation genetic attributes, which serve him well. He loves the excellent skin that comes with this genetic pathway, ensuring his appearance is always “TV ready”.  However, he does have a tendency towards estrogen dominance. While this also gives him great looking skin, Bryce bemoans its dampening effects on his ability to maintain lean muscle mass.  Like Mansoor, his love of self-hacking has fuelled his unmatched passion and love of nutraceuticals, and the hidden nutritional gems found in traditional societies across the globe.  A glimpse into the extent of Bryce’s passion can be gleaned from the untold travel miles he has accrued literally traveling to the far reaches of the globe to personally investigate and document natural ingredients – those used since ancient times and those just emerging.  You’re just as likely to find Bryce learning about teas at ancient monasteries in Japan as you are to find him meeting with local farmers in Northern India, as he sources some of the finest guar bean fibre on the planet. 

Some of the personalized ingredients in Bryce’s Youtrients formula include diindolylmethane (DIM), quercetin, vitamin C, and various flavonoids. This helps Bryce to build up his pecs and biceps for his next TV appearance!


MC4R RS17782313 – C/C
FTO RS9939609 – T/A

As the team's self-professed foodie, Harris proudly displays his appetite prowess at the lunch breaks at Youtrients.  That his gene profile revealed a significant risk of snacking behaviour and poor satiety response, surprised no one, least of all himself. Harris simply never feels “full”. Office snack breaks are heralded by Harris’s proclamation that “my MC4R gene is calling to me.” Indeed, Harris’s version of the MC4R gene means that he is prone to eating whatever is put in front of him, or he might go hunting for food. This is fun for a while but eventually it leads to weight gain.

Some of the personalized ingredients in Harris’s Youtrients formula include a highly absorbable and bioactive sublingual methyl B12, an optimized formula of members of the B complex family, including folinic acid (an advanced form of folic acid) and Niagen (an advanced form of vitamin B3).  His formula also contains a unique soluble fibre, SunFibre, which not only provides an excellent source of daily fibre, but also aids in satiety and acts as an excellent prebiotic.


BDNF RS6265 – A/A
MTHFR RS1801133 – T/T

Joe is Italian.  Need we say more? He brings a heart and soul to the Youtrients team that helps to define our culture as passionate, detail-oriented, but wrapped in fun and good humor.  He’s jolly, has a huge heart, and is full of life. He loves his food and is a fantastic chef.  Did we mention that he is Italian?  We all know that Italians like their pasta and pizza – it’s in their blood.  Unfortunately, it’s not in all of their genes. You see, Joe has a version of the AMY1 gene that is at odds with his love of carbohydrates.  On top of this, he also has the version of the TCF7L2 gene that predicts poor response to the elevated blood sugars that come with pasta and bread!  While he makes a wicked tortellini, over-indulgence can spell an increased risk of Type II diabetes.  Joe is a great example of how the popular food of your fellow countrymen (and women) might not fit with your genetic inheritance.  

Some of the personalized ingredients in Joe’s Youtrients formula include a highly absorbable and bioactive sublingual methyl B12 (enhances cellular metabolism), an optimized formula of members of the B complex family, including folinic acid (an advanced form of folic acid) and Niagen (an advanced form of vitamin B3), as well
as L-carnitine and cinnamon.